This is a list of the leadership traits desperately needed in leadership right now. 2012 has been a year of many political scandals, business shockers and (as usual) celebrity news. Leaders have been found wanting in several regards as highlighted by these recent stories.

The case of Mr Bo –a premier figure in Chinese politics, recently being sacked due to a mysterious case involving his wife and links with the death of a British businessman. The death was reported as a heart attack, as it was quickly ‘covered up’ by local police, who were very fearful of Mr Bo, who presided over his local area like a feudal king from reports from anonymous sources, too fearful to come forward publicly.

This has highlighted the leadership trait of transparency and honesty. These are two traits absolutely essential for politics to work effectively, but is rarely found because these traits, combined with the ‘gotcha’ media and war-cries of the public mob, means that an honest politician would likely not hold office for very long.

Another case was revealed in the recent emergence of Mitt Romney as the US republican hopeful candidate. Perhaps the most important leadership position in the world is at stake, and yet his party (the GOP) is shockingly unsupportive of his candidacy. Mitt has not been able to demonstrate another important leadership style – the ability to relate to people and show them that you understand their concerns. This is closely linked with the ability to listen.

Mitt Romney keeps on getting caught making references to his very rich lifestyle (Romney owns almost $300m in assets) by using phrases such as ‘My wife loves Cadillac’s, my wife has a couple at home)’. For such a wealthy man, who obviously lives in a slightly different world to the rest of us; that the GOP could expect him to come across as Average Joe is a little unrealistic!

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