If you are running a retail business there are some tried and tested core principles that will give you the best chance of selling success, all you have to do is stick to them.

Easier said than done in many cases but one of those core principles is the Four P’s, which is product, price, place and promotion, and with the right display cases you will go a long towards attracting buyers for your products.

Retail is detail

Probably one of the most used phrases in retailing according to the Marketing Donut is the term retail is detail, but for good reason. The successful retailer is one who concentrates on understanding what their customer wants to see and buy and pays attention to every possible detail in order to make their product as attractive and buyable as possible.

Using retail display cases

One of the best ways of showing off your products in their best possible light is to make use of the wide range of display cases that are available.

Retail display cases are there to help you sell any item that you want to highlight in your shop or perhaps to store and display an item of value that requires locking up so that you can control access to the display when asked.

If you use built-in display cabinets, this will give you a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to designing your store layout. Modular glass shelving is a cheaper alternative to consider but they do not offer the same security element and are often not as attractive to the shopper’s eye in many cases, so it could prove to be a false economy if you go for the cheaper shelving option.

Four factors to consider

Stock levels
When choosing your cabinet, you need to consider your stock level options. Some retailers carry extra stock underneath the case but if you have the available storage options away from the retail space, then the case will look much neater and attractive if only the display items are visible.

Matching the décor
Many display cabinets are available to be made in a variety of colours and there is often the opportunity to order them in a custom colour to match or compliment your existing brand colours or existing colour scheme.
Display cabinets and cases that have a bespoke look about them are often able to make a high visual impact in the store and this will help to attract customers who are drawn to the positive aesthetics of the surroundings.

Unfortunately security is always a big issue in the retail environment, so make sure that you choose display cases that have locks and offer you the protection from theft and the access control that you need.

Another important aspect to consider when it comes to display cases is the lighting that you use. Consider the products that you are displaying and then choose the right lighting options according to your needs.

Halogen lighting works well when display jewellery and fluorescent or ambient lighting often works well for items of clothing. Work out what you need so that when you order your display cases they arrive ready to go, in the right colour and with the right lighting fitted.

Finding the right display cases might require a little thought and planning, but once you have made the right choice, your investment should reap dividends when you look at the sales receipts.

David Wilkinson is a retail manager of many years. He likes to spend his off-time hiking and blogging online.

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