How to Make Sure Your Business Stands Out at a Conference

Attending a conference is a great way to promote your business and generate new leads, but if you do not present yourself in the right way at your booth, you could be wasting a valuable opportunity to further your organisation or even turning potential clients off! Here are some tips that could help you to make the most of the event.

Provide giveaways

Trades people attending conferences are increasingly accustomed to being given free gifts from the exhibitors they meet. Do not miss out on this opportunity to catch their attention and provide them with some branded merchandise that will put your business name in their hands for long after the event has finished.

Some affordable but effective giveaways include pens, notepads or diaries and keyrings. The benefits of providing such giveaways is that they are items we frequently use, so your business name will be the first thing they see when they take a note or unlock their car. If your budget is a little larger, a great giveaway could be a branded memory stick on which there is all the information a new client could need on your business and how you could serve them.

Present your face

Sometimes exhibitors are in for a long slog when they go to conferences and it is easy to find yourself slumped behind your stall or even using a computer or reading the newspaper. But do not leave it up to your banners and signs to tell potential clients about you. Give your business a personable face by meeting and greeting at the side of your booth. Stand by your stall with an extended hand, a beaming smile and a fist full of giveaways and the likelihood is the attendees will go home remembering your face and your business.

Be eye-catching

A lot of exhibitor stalls at conferences include banners with familiar signage, such as a list of products or a bland and instructional explanation of what the business does. Choose something that will stand out from the crowd. Use bright colours, use large words and use plenty of pictures. Make sure that the text you print on your signage is a specific call to action for the potential client. Try to say in one sentence what you could do to add value to their business. That way, the clients most likely to need your services will know exactly where to go when they walk into the exhibitors’ hall.

Be ready and be quick

Most of the people browsing stalls at conference halls are not looking for a specific product but are simply passing the time before their next presentation or workshop and seeing what kind of services are available to them. They may look at your stall and speak with you, but before long they are ready to move on, so bear this in mind and be economical with their time. Have your giveaways at the ready in your hand and if you are providing demonstrations, make them quick and easy to grasp. If potential clients then require further explanation, you can go into more depth and provide them with information on how to find out more on your website.

This guest post was written by Francesca, a blogger from the UK with an interest in business and marketing. She writes on behalf of Liverpool University – if you require a great conference venue in Liverpool, she recommends visiting their website for more information.

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