Working on the go has become a popular option for many people now that mobile working has become easier thanks to the advances in technology. If you want to work on the go more successfully, here are a few tips to follow to get the most from the experience.

Seek Out Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi is more prevalent than ever, meaning you can connect your portable device and check your emails or access your work with ease. You can probably connect for free in many restaurants, bars, train stations and elsewhere in your area, so seek out some places where you know you will be able to go online.

Alternatively, use a smartphone app to find the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you are, which can help when you need to connect to the internet in a new area.

Use Mobile Internet

As well as connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots, you could enjoy even greater connectivity by purchasing a SIM only internet plan for your mobile device. Such a plan will allow you to connect to mobile broadband wherever you are as long as you can pick up a signal.

While mobile internet is often a little bit slower than Wi-Fi, 4G mobile broadband is changing that. You may also be restricted by less generous data plans, but the advantage is that you will be able to connect to the internet in far more places.

Convert Your Smartphone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

You could enjoy the best of both worlds by converting your smartphone’s mobile broadband connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Many of the latest phones allow you to do this, and you can then connect your tablet or laptop to the internet using your phone’s internet connection, which is ideal if you need a larger screen to work on.

Sync Your Life in the Cloud

One of the big advancements over recent years has been the growth in software that allows you to sync your files and documents across your devices. As more and more things go online, including images, documents and software, and more people have two, three or more devices, it is important to have access to your files wherever you are.

For example, you may be working on a project in the office on your PC, and then on the train home you may want to work on the same project on your smartphone or tablet. Software that syncs files allows you to access your documents on any device. A good example is Evernote. This allows you to make notes on your computer that are then automatically synced across your devices. So when you leave the office, you can carry one working on your notes on your smartphone.

Make Use of Video Calls

If you are out and about a lot, you may not want to have to get back to your office for every meeting, and now you may not have to. If you have a portable device with a camera, you can connect via a video chat application like Skype and hold a face-to-face meeting no matter where you are, saving you from having to be physically present at meetings.

Be More Efficient while On the Go

It is now easier than ever before to work while on the go. Just because you are out of the office, there is no reason to stay out of the loop. So don’t let being out of the office make it harder to work or stay in touch. Whatever device you have, and whatever line of work you are in, follow the tips above to work better than ever, wherever you are.

Ken Johnson is a traveling salesman. He frequently writes about the lessons he’s learned on the road for business blogs.

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