Keeping up to date with the cutting edge when working in tech

Keeping up with the cutting edge trends is absolutely essential for all those who work in the tech business. It doesn’t take much to fall behind in such a rapidly evolving industry. If your competitors know more than you do then you may find yourself missing out on valuable opportunities. It is also important for those who are considering entering the tech industry to be current on the latest technology and trends. Here are some tips for keeping up to date in the fast-paced world of tech:

Talk to others

If you are in the tech industry then you have friends and peers in the industry as well. Make sure you take the time to talk to them about the business, or read their own websites, blogs, social media posts, etc. Often those who are actually working in the industry get the latest news before the general media. Make sure to talk to those in all aspects of the tech industry. Web designers, IT professionals and app developers can all benefit from networking with one another – tech jobs are all related. Talking can also lead to lucrative collaborations that lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Subscribe to journals and magazines

The latest tech news can be easily delivered to your inbox or e-reader via digital magazine subscriptions. Sometimes you can get the online and print editions for about the same price. If having a print copy encourages you to read more, then by all means get it.

Set aside time 

It can be easy to be so focused on work that you don’t set aside the time to read up on current trends. Just taking 10 minutes a day to read up can make a world of difference to how informed you are. The latest tech news can be found on many websites that can be accessed from anywhere. You can even stay up to date by reading articles while on the subway or bus.

Filter your articles 

Sites such as Pinboard can help make sure that you quickly find the most relevant articles. This can be important because there are so many tech articles out there and not all of them are the most informative or groundbreaking. Time is precious and you want to make sure that your time is spent on the really important stuff. Programs such as Fever can help you manage news feeds so you can stay up to date by quickly sorting out the most popular tech articles.


Staying up to date is important but if you contribute to the news when you have a hot tip then others will be more likely to return the favour. LinkedIn can be a great way to network with others in the tech industry. You can add information and pass it along easily. Twitter is another great way to pass along news and create a dialogue that everyone can benefit from.

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