Making good use of customer feedback about goods and services is an essential factor in improving a company’s performance, so that it stays competitive.  As far as the customer is concerned, their experience of what they purchase and how smoothly (or otherwise) the transaction goes, colours their opinion – not simply of the product they may have bought, but also of the whole organisation.  People in customer sales jobs take into account market research information, such as that gleaned from Voice of the Customer (VOC) studies, so that they gain a better understanding of clients’ wants and needs.

Those interested in the techniques used to leverage customer feedback will find there are jobs in customer service that allow them to focus on information gathering to do just that.  Often used when a new product or service is at an early stage of design and development, information-gathering strategies can include surveys, focus groups and interviews.  Key questions are devised to tease out information about the customer experience, any problems that may have been encountered, and why these occurred.  VOC studies can also be used to learn about employee performance, for example where a member of staff has been particularly helpful.

Among the benefits of using market research information, which leads to a better understanding of a customer’s needs and wants, is the ability to prioritise the elements of the feedback that are most important to the customer.  This means the service can be improved to meet those wants and needs, thereby developing brand loyalty from satisfied customers.  Follow the link to find more information about customer service jobs.

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