Corporate housing refers to renting out a furnished home or apartment on a temporary basis to individuals working for a particular company. The practice of having coworkers live and work together within the same building is becoming more and more popular. Yet, is the practice for everyone?

The Pros

When living with coworkers in a corporate apartment or house, employees typically do not have to worry about rent, bills, and their basic needs. Additionally, they still receive money (the amounts varying depending on experience) and can enjoy other perks as well depending on the company.

Living with colleagues throughout the day also help to create a family-like situation that many people can benefit from. While working together throughout the day and on weekends, coworkers can potentially build stronger relationships and help keep everyone on track in terms of productivity. With a built-in support group, such a boost is sure to benefit any individual and company.

For traveling employees with spouses or children, they may also be able to live in the corporate house or apartment. Being able to bring family along while on the move can help relieve stress for many employees that would otherwise feel homesick, lonely, and be far less productive.

Another benefit that corporate housing provides is the fact that employees don’t have to worry about commuting to and from work. By not having to travel to work, employees don’t have to concern themselves with travel costs or being late. By staying off the roads, employees additionally don’t have to worry about their safety during harsh weather.

Since corporate houses and apartments are typically fully furnished and equipped, employees get the chance to enjoy a relaxing and professional environment. Once the work day is done, employees can unwind in a homey environment. Fortunately, to best find out what options are available in your area, you can try corporate housing in Charlotte NC.

The Cons

If you are not completely dedicated to your work, living with your colleagues 24/7 may not be best for you. In most cases, you may be working from the moment you wake up and well into the night. Additionally, you may be expected to work weekends as well.

Since you will be spending most of your time working in one area with the same group of people, it can potentially become stressful. Unfortunately, some personality types clash, so having different personality types within the group will naturally cause tension from time to time. Yet, by knowing how to identify and deal with problematic coworkers, you can help resolve the situation.

When living with a large group of people, you may find it harder to find privacy. For people that tend to want to keep their personal lives private, working in a communal setting with coworkers may be problematic.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when trying corporate housing. Yet, with so many employees willing to work from home, corporate housing can be just the thing your business needs to flourish.

Adam Jenson is a business consultant. He loves to help businesses use the most innovative techniques for improving teamwork on small business blogs.

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