The ideal office environment encourages productivity and manages to promote a stress-free atmosphere, but as we are all too aware, the pace of modern life and that of a modern workplace are not exactly conducive to these goals.

Workplace Zen

Zen is about a merging of internal peace and external reality in order to navigate life. An expert in this field, Dr Frank Lipman believes that it is critical to achieve a Zense of tranquillity about our work lives, not always easy to do with the constant tapping of a keyboard and the clicking of mouse all around you.

So how do we set about achieving workplace Zen? The answer lies not just in your state of mind but can also be found to a certain extend by introducing gadgets into the office that encourage the reduction of stress and a calmer workplace environment.

Here are some to consider in your quest for workplace Zen.

Create a breakout area

Try to make use of some of the space in your office so that you can create a breakout area that will give staff the opportunity for a brief moment of quiet reflection and help to reduce stress and tension.

You can use a company like Rapid Office Systems to design and create a space that is warm and inviting, and can be used for some much needed re-charging of batteries or some informal catch-ups.


For instant relief at the desk from stress then perhaps a stressball might work the oracle. Simple but effective, a stressball can work to diffuse tension and anger with just a few squeezes of the ball, leaving you calmer and more focused afterwards.


The type of lighting you have around the office can make a substantial difference to the general mood and tone of the workplace environment. Some people like to boost their exposure to natural lighting with desktop lamps and more companies are realising that the flickering fluorescent lighting strips that some places still have, need to be replaced with more modern low energy lighting that is easier on the eye and helps to keep stress levels down as a result.

USB mug warmer

You might not think that a USB mug warmer could make a difference to stress levels but try making a cup of coffee, returning to your desk and then getting called away straight away without getting the chance to have your drink.

A quick charge using your USB point on the PC will quickly heat up your drink and avoid you becoming agitated because you didn’t get a chance to have your drink before it went cold.

Silent mouse

That mundane permanent clicking sound all around you can sometimes really get under your skin, so why not consider issuing staff with a silent mouse, so people can click away as much they like without having to irritate their work colleagues.

With a combination of gadgets and good office design, you should be able to achieve a good level of workplace Zen, and the business will be better for it as a result.

Kathryn Jackson is an office manager with several years under her belt. When she gets some free time, she likes to help others by posting on various blog sites.


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